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butter LONDON

Toff: stays true to its description as a darker, dustier, brownish variation on rose pink. In the photo I have two coats of Toff on. One coat delivers a thick opaque coverage, two coats darken the colour to a brownish pink. Very pleased with the richness of this colour.

Artful Dodger: this teal turquoise is a subdued version of Slapper (butter LONDON). One coat won't be enough, two coats provide the correct colour and coverage.  I often find teals too loud or too mismatched against my skin tone, this colour was a nice surprise. I quite like it. A great way to wear a brighter colour without fully committing to the "bright" aspect of spring/summer colours.

Rosie Lee: pale pink glitters in a clear base. One coat delivers a generously dense amount of glitter. I only used two coats to achieve a covered look.  Although I do admit three coats would fully bring to life the colour of this particular glitter polish (but anticipating the removal process I chickened out and kept it at an even 2 coats.)

The Black Knight: this glitter polish contains black, pink, blue and silver in a dark black base. I only applied one coat of TBK on top of "Toff." On its own to achieve full coverage 2 thick coats should do the trick. I'm in love with how bright the blue glitters are.

Verdict: All of the colours are full and beautifully pigmented. The glitters are densely packed and spread very easily.  Because the glitters are easily build-able you may want to apply extra top coat to avoid the gritty texture of the glitter.

*Tip: Be sure to remove the black square lid cap! You'll find a more traditional brush handle and have a much easier application.

to purchase butter LONDON lacquers please check their official site 

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