Essie is synonyms with Spring


I think Essie basically owns the Spring season when it comes to colour options alone!

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turquoise & caucus: you've seen this everywhere! a cool mint green, just looking at these colour puts you at ease on a beach somewhere…it takes a solid 3 coats to achieve a nice finish. (I know I know, doesn't this look just like--Avon "Jade"? "Jade" runs a tad yellower and is a truer/darker green)

nice is nice: a very light lavender, having a grayer undertone when compared to Essie "lilacism" this will be a safe bet for tanner/darker skin-tones--see the comparison below! 3 coats is solid, but I found 4 to add a bit more pigment and colour.

1- Liiacism     2-nice is nice

Verdict: light, airy, maybe even double as summer shades! Great additions to your collection if you don't have anything similar. On the fence between lilaicism and nice is nice try considering what shades of colours you wear most -- are they warmer? Go for nice is nice, if they're cooler try lilaicism. 

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