Milani Milani


ms. milani: a mixture of frosty and metallic silver finish, definitely a bit more gold than usual silver polishes. formula is a 2-3 coat. (why yes, you should be weary of streak city!)

gold dust: not the full commitment gold I was looking for, still a nice dusting of champagne gold with slight microshimmers, the finish is similar to 'ms.milani' but is non streaky and tends to be less glossy, 3 coats. 

creme brulee: a true milky creme color, not opaque definitely on the finer sheer side. takes anywhere from 4-6 coats for a full build up. non streaky finish, pretty subtle hint of beige, leans toward the warmer side

my red apple: the classic red apple with a twist-pink undertones! This shade is definitely pinker than 'ready to wear red' and because of this seems brighter. A more summer red~ 2 coats.

ready to wear red: a darker rich creamy red, full cream formula, may appear darker for warmer skin tones, a really deep almost blood red in low light situations~ 2 coats.

Verdict: I would pass on Creme Brulee if you have many similar options already available to you, I think the most unique one in this batch is my apple red~ the hot pink hints give this red an extra boost.

*Tip: for the metallic finishes apply two layers of top coat, it'll help keep the metallic looking shiny. -- wait for deals of steals! Milani does often go on bogo sales or 75% off

You can purchase Milani at drugstores such as: CVS, Target

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