revlon pretty lavenders~


Why yes! Continuing on with Spring colours, two VERY beautiful polishes under the cut!

lillac pastelle: a very milky purple-pinky cream lavender shade. 3.5 coats for proper colour build up. Its a nice shade but the formula is very tricky. Please note this may not suit more olive/browner skin tones--the colour looked washed out on my hands.

popular: love the mix of tiny silver hexagonal and regular silver glitters in this milky lavender formula. Applies nicely and to my surprise it was a big easier to evenly distribute all the shiny glitters. In comparison to Lillac Pastelle this does look less saturated and less pink. 3 coats for best results.

Verdict: I'd pick up Popular, its pretty unique, as for lillac pastelle I feel Essie has better options & better formula. Lillac pastelle takes a long time to dry and is prone to bubble when least expected.

*Tip: For Lillac Pastelle try not to go too thin on the first two coats as this formula is a bit streaky. for Popular I'd plaster on extra top coat to avoid the gritty texture of glitter polish.

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