Sinful Colors brings Spring Savings~


Why yes-- you can have fun Spring shades on a tighter budget too.

innocent: a neon green-yellow, yellow-green. Very nicely pigmented--2 coats is all you'll need for this in your face brightness. (totally reminds me of OPI & Nicki Minaj's "Did it on 'Em")

mint apple: a subtle choice for Spring. It looks like a pastel green in the bottle but dries to a greener blue harmony.  Not a cream finish- there are tiny microshimmers that bring life to this. You will need 3 coats (and a nice base coat!) 

rise and shine: a great green/slightest turquoise with hints of blue undertones. This also has accompanying microshimmers in gold and green tones. Muted light teal. It looks muted light teal in the bottle but dries to a earthy light green--most likely the colour will vary from skin-tone to skin-tone. The polish dries a bit odd--almost satin? 2 coats for colour, 3 for an even finish (DO use a base--this stains really bad!)

hazard: no neon! don't let the name fool you, the colour is rich and bright but it's also muted. An orange that is closer to being a deeper/warmer coral. 2 coats.

boogie nights: if pink and orange wanted a coral baby this would be it. Actually this can best be described as a pinky hazard. 2 coats.

soulmate: a warmer dark salmon pink, almost slightly peachy nude orange. Tanner/darker skin-tones be warned-- this may come off as just bright pink on your nails.  2 coats (the formula for this was a tad thicker than the others…)

Verdict: all of these polishes are part of the "stock" line for Sinful Colors, wait for sales and dive into one of these fun shades.

*Tip: some of these do stain! Use a base coat to prevent this.

You can purchase these at your local Walgreens.

I have a lot more from Sinful Colors Professional. Please let me know if you're curious to see more shades.

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