Spring is in the air! Are you ready for the new season? Shades that fit this airy time~Todays highlight: AVON

urban grey:a very light almost beige grey (think a lighter version of essie's "chinchilly"). The simple creme formula reigns close to the traditional Avon nail formula. 

vintage blue: falls toward a white polish with a very light, subtle touch of baby blue, don't be fooled by the bottle! It's such a light crisp blue. You may need 3 coats to achieve the hue of blue shown in the bottle.

jade: probably the perfect shade of green for spring! (doesn't it remind you of some known favorites like China Glaze "For Audrey" and Zoya "Bevin"?) This is a very nice shade of minty green, but darker/tanner skin-tone's be warned! (This may pick up yellow/blue undertone's and look unflattering on your skin tone.)

click for details!!

pink power: very clean and very feminine. This was actually part of Avon's campaign to increase Breast Health awareness. 100% of net profit from this product is donated to Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. The sole reason I purchased this light of a pink. On the nail and in the bottle the colour is very close to Sally Hansen Complete Manicure's "Shall We Dance?"-- as expected building up the light shade of pink was tough -- 4 coats. 

cotton candy: does not build up to the pastel girly pink as promised by the bottle. Its closer to a fluorescent faded highlighter pink without the impact of fluoresces. Prone to streaks this is a 3-4 coat polish, drying time greatly increases because of the need for extra coats.  This is a great girly pink, and would definitely look great as a base pink underneath a shatter/crackle polish. 

ruby slippers: originally I thought this would be a bright solid red but was a bit dismayed to find silver glitters mixed within the formula. Not a creme finish but a nice rich ruby red. Opacity was nice on this-- one coat is great but with 2 coats it's spectacular. (In the bottle it is very close to Zoya's Astra--but Astra's silver glitters are a lot more prominent, see comparison picture below.)

Zoya "Astra" || Avon "Ruby Slippers"

Verdict: cream shades that are fun, light, and very airy summer shades! These do run a bit more watery in comparison to darker shades.Trying to build up pigment is a nightmare! But just looking at vintage blue reminds me of bright summer days :) Ruby Slippers is definitely a great surprise! The silver glitters add something special to the rich true red base. I'd suggest skipping cotton candy. 

*Tip: as always -- with lighter shades I suggest using an opaque white as a base coat (OPI "Alpine Snow" or Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" are great options.)

to purchase AVON  you can go here

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