ZOYA! Addison and Zanna ~


In the bottle these look very similar but on your nails you'll definitely be able to tell them apart!

Addison: In the bottle this looks like a dusty pink but on it looks more baby taupe/ neutral pink. A real cute feminine colour that has great opacity.  This is definitely a two coat polish! Yes! There are very very tiny silver shimmers in this polish. So I can't call this a true-cream formula but on your nail it'll look like one! That is--if you can get an even first coat and a non-streaky second coat.

Zanna:  Supposedly a muted light-rose mauve pink but on it looks like a toned down Barbie doll pink--maybe it's the lavender undertones? A really nice smooth creme finish. I was surprised at how thick the consistency was but was able to evenly spread it across the nail. A one coat polish.

normal lighting

with flash

The Verdict: Beautiful colours, not suited to my skin tone nor my patience. Be weary of drying time -- these lighter shades took 4x longer than the usual drying time. 

*Tip: Pick your MOST trusted top coat! Waiting for the polish to dry and set is one thing, having to re-do all your nails because your top coat didn't set is another.

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