Zoya! Guess which 3!


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Edyta: a dark green-black shade full of micro-shimmers. Gold, olive, blue-green, smokey greys blended together in a metallic base finish. 1 coat gives the perfect green/black finish, applying more turns the polish into a darker black metallic. (might be prone to staining, use a base coat!)

Richelle:  everyone needs a gold! Richelle provides a gold polish with a bronze tone. Gold colours can look "rusty" or "dull" easily so do take the precaution and apply a top coat. (similar to essie's Shifting Power)

Yara: a military green with grey undertones, packed with bright gold glitter. This stays truer to a olive green finish when compared to Avon's Olive Green. The gold micro-shimmers add depth and they're oh so pretty!! One coat is solid.

flash // natural light

Verdict: Full of richness and easy application. Zoya tends to be a one coat formula, chips are a rarity. Be weary of promotional photos as these do not hold too true. Pigmentation is wonderful, application is a breeze and drying time is nicely quick. 

*Tip: Do a quick google images search before purchasing,  shades do vary among different skin tones and at times  micro-shimmers pop up where you least expect!

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