Zoya Perfect Wedding Nails.


You think they look similar? No, no they don't. Click to see why!!

Pasha: soft, pale, a cool beige nude with hints of silver microshimmers. Not a true cream but a wonderful surprise-- I was anticipating a creamy finish but the extra silver sparkle just added a cute shine. A one coat polish. (picture has 2 coats) 

Pandora: pinky beige nude, with "blue and mauve" undertones and another hint of silver microshimmer. Full opacity in one coat (picture has 2 coats.) The medium tone beige works well with cool toned skin.

flash // sunlight

Verdict: Both of these are very dreamy, beautiful, almost perfect wedding nail colours. Love the opacity in 1 coat, in 2 it's flawless. Definitely a must add to your collection!

*Tip: try not to order these at the same time! You'll have a tough time choosing which one to use first. 

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