Sally's into Spring too!

Gray by Gray: not your usual blue! Dries a lot darker and is more blue toned on your nail, in the bottle it looks like a dull gray blue but its a nice murky blue, something different and wearable. I'm always on the look out for a shade in the mix of gray/blue/teal--If you're of darker skin tone try this shade out. One coat.

(With Flash you can see more PINK, normal light this polish renders more PURPLE)

Cherry Cherry Bling Bling: not pink yet no purple, this interesting mix of hot pink and purple is definitely eye catching. The more coats the deeper the purple undertones become. It's not a usual pick for me but hey--let's be adventurous! 2 coats.

Verdict: Love both colours, great formula and a nice big brush. If you don't have similar colours pick these up, gray by gray is by far my favorite out of the two.  If you're into glitter tips/art cherry cherry bling bling looks extra special with some thick silver glitter polish.

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