China Glaze ~ the Hunger Games


A small mini-review on the Hunger Games collection.

TOP PHOTO Left to Right: (1st is "some like it haute" which is NOT a part of the hunger games collection) fast track, dress me up, foie gras, mahogany magic, harvest moon, stone gold, smoke & ashes

I know I know, these have been well reviewed and well loved by the nail polish audience! This was my first "big" purchase, 7 polishes all at once! These have some real fine winners and some solid "base" polishes a starting collection should have.

I won't highlight all of the polishes but I will go ahead and key picks I found fun, and essential to a collection.

Luxe and Lush: I know there are a TON of flakie type polishes out there, but this was my first. It's a tough one, its hard to equally distribute the flakes, the base is clear but thick, it's a pain to take off. The colors in the flakes are fun, light icy blue, shine yellow, lovely rose pinks, I love the way the light hits this polish. An effect top coat you'll keep going back to.

Fast Track: a really funky light creme beige with green and gold glitters. I admit I may have been biased because of the District & relationship this polish represents but I found this a versatile color. It's great on it's own as a clean but spunky nude. It's great to layer with glitters.

Dress Me Up: a really nice neutral pink. Its darker than one would expect and reads into the color range of Zoya's Pandora, that being said an almost nude pink is an essential color. I find this the perfect interview shade, it gives a nice clean and feminine look to nails.

Stone Cold:  a matte polish with silver glitters. A simple but light gray matte. I love a polish that attempts to be concrete and I find this to be the right balance of gray. Not too dark yet not too light. One must have at least one matte polish in their collection.

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