The Good, The Bad, the Julep!


So I was suckered in by the penny deal! 
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My first box was decided by the Julep Style Profile Quiz, it's fun and makes the experience feel more customized. "It Girl" was my category, none of the colors to my taste. I would've called in to change my subscription but it was shipped before I could call Customer Service (downside of living in PST time zone.)

Daisy: a yellow, on your actual nail this will read more mustard yellow and less bright. Thick formula and not easily build-able, even after 3 coats I had bald spots. Stains.

Sasha: looks coral but is more of an orange based polish. thick formula, 3 coats for the perfect solid finish.

Lily: a neat surprise! This is a matte purple pink! I liked this formula the best, the shade is fun and great for summer. 2 coats.




The box I had EAGERLY been awaiting (the reason why I signed up to be a Maven!) The July "It Girl"~ The packaging is fun, silver star wrapping paper~ red, white, and blue long confetti, and oh! The fireball candy~ What I was really looking forward to! The polish!!

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America: special release for the 4th of July! It came free with every box purchased! It's funky, has a clear base but is densly packed with red glitters. The blue and white glitters are slightly larger and harder to equally distribute. There are hidden star glitters mixed.

Mila: just your usual multi-glitter clear base polish. It's like a finer Nicole by O.P.I. "S-kylie in your Rainbow" which makes it versatile and easy to pair. Easily build-able to FULL opacity.

Daphne: this colorit's been done SO many times. I was really disappointed. I expected a lighter, blue toned greenish mint and not just another Zoya "Bevin" type shade. See comparisons --get why I was disappointed?

nail 1 Zoya "Bevin" nail 2 Zoya "Wednesday"
nail 3 Essie "Turquoise & Caicos"
nail 4 Wet n Wild "I need a Refresh-mint"
nail 5 Julep "Daphne"

Kate: everyone needs  a white. This is thick, gets the job done, but is prone to bubbling and random holes...

I admit I was warned by my fellow polish addict that this formula wasn't so great, but even then I was tempted by Daphne. A quick google search rendered me to believe the color would be more blue toned, less 'typical' military-mint and thus I jumped the gun and signed up for the Maven subscription.

Two reasons why I will be canceling my subscription: formula, bottle shape.

--Why formula? Its thick, but doesn't deliver in even opacity. It's hard to work with and layering is a mess. Most polishes you apply a second coat when the first coat is still bit tackythis will smudge up, bubble up even long after your first coat is dry.

--Why bottle shape? It's adorable, yes, but the problem lies in how much brush control this allows. You think you're only getting a small amount of polish but end up having two nails worth  in one swipe! The brush itself is a standard polish brush (it's not tapered, not curved, not blunt but mostly straight at the bottom.) 

Verdict:  If any of the main style profile colors are tempting you --go ahead, find the promo code and test these out! If not --don't bother. The formula isn't great, the polishes are hard to work with. A lot of the colors are easy to work with. I do like Mila, easy to work with, great coverage.

*Tip : wait for the sales or get a promo code, I cannot justify spending $14.00 on one .27ml bottle for a formula that isn't consistent, .46ml Essie or .5ml O.P.I have done better.

Julep is available at and select boutiques.

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