Revlon Popular & Scandalous!


These two are must-haves

Popular: Yes, it looks like "Lilac Pastelle" with some funky glitters thrown in! But if you actually compare (see below) "Lilac Pastelle" is actually a tad pinker and less gray than "Popular". But takes 4 coats of  "Popular" to achieve total opacity--so you could potentially get away with using "Lilac Pastelle" as your baseor any other light lavender polish as a base.

Scandalous: With a name like this? How can you not have this? It's one of the best color combinations, black and purple. The base is actually a light dark black, the glitters are perfectly balanced with bigger hexagons and tiny purple glitters. 3 coats delivers a solid opaque finish, 4 if you just like even numbers. This looks amazing. (is often the "dupe" for Deborah Lippmann's "Bad Romance"--if you google it, I'm sure you'll end up getting Scandalous)

Verdict: Scandalous is nice, different, love the finish. Popular's big hexagonal glitters tend to shine less/almost loose their special quality once a topcoat is applied, I'm not too impressed with the color pay off either.

*Tip: Use a thicker base coat and perhaps add extra layers, we all know how difficult it's going to be to remove these glitters, but it's so worth it!

You can purchase Revlon at your local drugstores -- these maybe hard to find though!

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23 June 2012 @ 7:37 PM / 1 comments

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