REVLON's Tempting in Trend!


Orange is in trend! But what if you're not ready to commit to such a bright colour? Try these!

Red Hot Tamale: Hot indeed! An in your face - no nonsense red orange that is a fantastic step towards the bright summer colors ahead! On darker tones this pulls more orange than red, on lighter skin it's an amazingly bright red. In some lights its a tangy orange red, hot pink red, or just hot pink. Really fun. 2 coats.

Demure: a subtle, super classy take on this orange trend, slightly more coral/peachy tone orange. Very pretty. Not a true cream shade as in certain lights it does pick up some silver shimmers, but nothing too overpowering or drastic. 3 coats.

Peach Nectar: a very sheer, girly, dreamy, cream shade with a slight hint of orange. Okay okay, its a very pastel peach but it hints nicely at orange. 4 coats.

Why yes, Peach Nectar and Demure may look similar in the bottle, but as this post has shown, both are unique and different.

Verdict: Pick up Demure, it's so fun, fresh, subtle but full of colour. The formula isn't so great on Peach Nectar and I had to work with Red Hot Tamale, but a great top coat can help smooth any irregularities out.

*Tip: as with all bright shades, do wear a base coat!

You can find Revlon at any department store~

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