Hiding away from CA heat I was hit with sudden inspiration. From Ice cream? Yes, I dedicate this post to Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, aka the brown & mint comparison post! 

butter LONDON "FASH PACK": I know, I know, isn't this a nude?! I thought so too until I actually painted my nails and realized this color is a lot darker than in the bottle. An easy light dull brown, great formula, good opacity. Don't fret the minor gold shimmers you see in the bottle, those barely show up on the nail.. 1-2 coats.

china glaze "Mahogany Magic": If you ask someone to imagine "brown" THIS is the color most think of. It's not too light, not too dark, retains it's odd brown color and looks really cool as a base for glitters. If you dare to wear a true brown shade. 2 coats.

china glaze "Foie Gras": I was stuck with this color. It's not brown but still leans brown. I think the best way to describe this color is a plum brown, it's an odd color and dries darker on the nail compared to the shade in the bottle. 1 coat.

essie "Power Clutch": A light brown, very funky and depending on your skin tone it can pull more red, orange, or mauve. 2 coats.

Revlon "Esspresso": In the bottle a very deep brown, very dark. On the nail the color is practically lost if you apply 2 coats. Formula was pretty good but if I wanted to wear a black I'd wear a black polish. Not really recommended for a brown polish.. 1 coat.

Sally Hansen Manicure "Boca Mocha": Yes, this is a strange brown latte~but I love it. So refreshing, almost dark caramel brown. I'm extremely biased to this color.2 coats.

Sonia Kashuk "Chocoholic": Very deep, very rich dark brown. In the bottle this appears a tad lighter than Revlon "Esspresso" but on the nail it falls to the same problem of being TOO dark. 1 coat.

Verdict: If brown isn't really your color I'd opt for "Fash Pack" that can dual as a dark neutral and brown. If you're feel adventurous I'd suggest checking out "Boca Mocha" as it offers a fun latte-esq color. 

Mint is THE color of 2012. It easily catches your eye. A color that makes one feel very comfortable and happy. 

essence "You Belong To Me": a very light, airy, clean color. A lighter baby blue toned mint, 2 coats.

ZOYA "Bevin": not your typical light mint but not green either. I'll be bold and state that this color is a compromise of military greens & mint*. This is a great shade for those slightly turned off by brighter minty colors..  2 coats.

ZOYA "Wednesday": Easily Zoya's most popular mint polish, an easy to work with color, depending on light changes (see below) this shifts from a darker hue (like Bevin) to a nice light shade (like Turquoise & Caicos) 2 coats.

Essie "Turquoise & Caicos": This color is hard to build up, the color pay off maybe worth it. On me this pulls more green and thus looks like a strange mint-jade, darkening the skin on my hands. I have perviously reviewed this color ({here}) 3 coats.

Wet n Wild "I need a Re-fresh-mint": SUCH a fun mint. I initially hesitate with mint's due to my tanner skin complexion but this color looked wonderful. It leans more baby blue and but retains it's mint tinge. Application was a breeze since the brush itself was a more tapered Sally Hansen Manicure brush shape. 2 coats.

Julep "Daphne": One of those darker mints, initially I thought this was so dark it remind me of Nicole by O.P.I. "Green Up Your Act!" I have previously reviewed this color & Julep ({here}) I'd suggest 2 thin coats.

(*The last two nail swatches are Nicole by O.P.I. "Green Up Your Act!" and butter LONDON "Artful Dodger" these seems slightly off mint but still in the same relative hue range--CLICK FOR DETAIL!)


Verdict: I understand that essie's "Turqioise & Caicos" is THE staple mint color, but I'd highly urge you to try Wet n Wild "I need a Re-Fresh-Mint", the color is unique and fun, and more likely to flatter olive to darker skin tones.

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