Zebra Fingr's Nail Stickers!

Highlight: Nail Stickers!

   Tired of failing free-hand designs? Do you secretly spite scotch tape? A condensed review of nail stickers! I'm always looking for an easy "cheat" when it comes to getting that flawless design on your tips! Today I tried to "cheat" the classic "Zebra" design.

Fingr's Nail Stickers are just that--designs on adhesives that stick to your nails. These are not stripes with actual nail polish (Sally Hansen Salon Effects are nail polish stripes). These stickers had a three step process:

01: Clean nail, remove any oil, dirt, moisture that could be on you nail bed. Also be sure to have maintained cuticles.

02: Choose your the nail sticker that fits the width of your nail. What I loved about this brand was the actual CHOICES, 36 total stripes! Enough for hands & toes, and even for another person!

Tip: cutting off half of the extra nail sticker will allow an easier application process, also prevents bubbling.

03: Center the round edge with the cuticle and apply. Press down with nails, smoothing out air bubbles. Just pushing down and soothing is the main point here. If you mess up you can easily lift the sticker, adjust, and re-smooth. 

Verdict: Since these are nail stickers they are harder to smooth and tend to be start lifting around the edges after a couple hours. Simple tasks like reaching into pockets can cause the stickers to start lifting. You can buy an abundance of nail stickers, I would opt for trying the actual nail polish stripes. I would not repurchase nail stickers. The actual ease of having a clean, crisp design does still tempt me. I shall get my hands on actual nail polish stripes before I completely rule this idea out~

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