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Note about "LOVE POINTS"

Every so often Zoya rewards its customers with love points. These points can be redeemed for a bunch of prizes that change monthly. The prizes tend to range from free shipping to a free sampler!

A few months back Zoya actually added 1 "Happy Point" to ALL account holders. This Happy Point allowed customers to redeem three full sizes polishes from Beach or Surf Collections at a discounted price. Isn't that reason enough to open an account?

If you are eager to try Zoya OR wish to receive this Love Points create an account! Better yet create an account with this ( H E R E ) , and you will receive a coupon in your account for a FREE bottle of Zoya nail polish purchase. Furthermore, you can use this coupon and add 2 more polishes to your order and get free shipping! 

Currently Love Points offer these coupons:

100 Share the "Love Points" = $5 Off Coupon
300 Share the "Love Points" = $10 Off Coupon
500 Share the "Love Points" = $15 Off Coupon
Zoya often runs excellent promos-- Sign up today! Needless to say, I signed up a while ago, decided to check my points, and holy cow! I had enough to tempt me into making a purchase. Here it is:

Haley: everyone needs a fun, light, bright red. Slightly brighter than most reds, claims to have orange undertones. This is my summer go to red, offers great coverage and no staining! Do you gals hate red polish that bleeds over your nails during removal? I had no such problem with this polish! 2-3 coats.

Maya: This color is such a hard tone to photograph. This is the closest representation of the peach-orange coral pink I could get. The finish leans more toward a jelly. Love the color as it very different form my usual nudes. The formula isn't too great on this one, as it is prone to bald spots. 3 coats.

Snow White: a pure white creme. White maybe an odd color for a polish but this makes for a fun 'canvas' type effect on your nails. I was surprised at the opacity this polish delivered. Formula was not bubbly, and was not prone to bald spots. 2 coats

Trixie: so in trend? A metallic foil type finish silver! This CAN get streaky if you play with it too much. No problems with the formula, do suggest using 2 coats of top coat.  But the pay off is pretty amazing and the shine is something hard to pick up on camera. Truly enjoyed this finish. 2-3 coats.

Kelly: Initially from a quick google search I thought this color would be a nice alternative to butter LONDON's "Royal Navy". Exactly --I was completely fooled and found this to be a dark muted grey. Almost reminiscent of Zoya "Petra" in the bottle, but on the nail it's a very nice light charcol grey. Lovely formula. 1-2 coats.

Lael: LOVE this dark eggplant/plum purple. It's such a tough color to find! Even after 2 coats one can tell this polish stays dark purple, not turning straight black as with other polishes (SHM "Pat on the Black" looks straight black after 1.5 coats).

Verdict: I tried to balance my purchase with 3 lights and 2 darker polishes. If you ample reds, I'd pass on Haley. If your curious about Maya I suggest picking it up, it does lean more warm. Trixie is a fun foil/metallic shade that was the least streakiest formula I've used thus far--definate hit! I love my darker colors, Kelly is a great alternative for black and I LOVE the fact that Lael remains purple even after 2 coats.

*Tip: Try varying your application into 2 very thing coats. To prevent streaking with Trixie I would apply a thin 1 coat and a heavier second coat. Dumping on 2 layers of my favorite top coat afterwards!

You can purchase Zoya at Zoya.com

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