butter LONDON - Two Trio's!

Butter LONDON Trio x2!

Butter LONDON recently had a GMA promo! All of their trio's were half off! That's right, 3 Butter LONDON polishes for $21!! How could I resist? Curious? 

 My main temptations sprung after reading { this } review on "Slapper." Owning "Artful Dodger" I wondered if "Slapper" would be appropriate for my skin tone as well, given the deal I jumped at the chance! Plus I really wanted to try "Wallis" too.

"Bright On" trio contains the following:

Snog: A real pick me up pink! Definitely not as bright or as intimidating in the bottle, such a fun  fushia-ish pink, definitely gets redder as you apply more coats. Opaque in 2.

Slapper: the staple butter london color. in the bottle it looks very bright, no nonsense type , wonderfully opaque in 2 coats. Fun, and actually works with my skin tone! Pops nicely but not jarringly. Super bright in person, excuse the slight fade of color due to camera/lighting.Very relieved it looks nice on me. Use that basecoat, use it twice!

Marrow: love love loved this color. A really nice surprise, in the bottle it looks like a darker, murky purple with silver shimmers but the shimmers don't show up on the nail at all! The color is much more of a violet-cobalt purple. Super happy with the formula and wear from this shade. Opaque in 2 coats.

"Sexy Smart" trio contains the following:

Yummy Mummy: a light nude with tiny silver shimmers, simple and perfectly work appropriate. A very safe neutral beige option to hold in your collection. Opacity depended on application but 2-3 coats should be enough.

Wallis: on my nails this was a gold with greenish tint, I was really surprised and really happy with this polish. This is described as a "tarnish, metallic olive gold" and I find this the perfect description. Opaque in 3 coats, but do use a trusted base coat! This one is slightly prone to staining!

Saucy Jack: I thought would become a staple red in my collection, the bottle promises a priceless classic red but, on the nail it's super close to a dark hot pink--especially next to Snog I was disappointed with this polish. Even after 3 coats it remained in between a pink and red color. It's probably my skin tone, online swatches everywhere are almost all a rich vibrant red. Oh well, you win some you lose some. 

Verdict: Wallis is definately different from the usual shade choices (especially compared to the other 5 polishes), pick this one up if you're curious! Marrow is a great true purple. The other shades failed to impress, yes they have cute names, good application, but you can find these shades from other $ saving brand. 

The GMA deal is over now. You can still purchase the trios at the Butter LONDON site.

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