What is a "Complete Collection"

Perfecting a Complete Collection --- a starting guide for beginner polish addicts.

What makes a perfect collection? A polish collection fit for every occasion, whether it be work, a party, a dress, nail stamping, or a mood lift. Color is everywhere and our bodies react to and draw from various shades. 

It's important to arm yourself with all the possible tools you will need to succeed. Granted, having a nail polish color isn't too important but it does help. 

Without further ado, what every polish collection should have!

Every collection needs to have a well rounded no-nonsense  professional but strictly classy work appropriate polishes. This is mainly where neutrals, nudes and browns come to party. Depending on your work you may or may not be allowed to express your inner polish savvy, fear not there are wonderful polish colors you can bank of being fun and work appropriate.

Take note:  sticking with nudes is a great trick for keyboard related work. Chips are less noticeable and nude polishes give your nails a crisp, and clean look. Neutrals are a great way to slightly compliment your skin tone. Many neutrals have michroshimmers and are far from "boring" I suggest Zoya "Pandora" or "Pasha" type shades. 

If you want more color I suggest brown! Browns are classic, find a deep brown that reminds you of chocolate and comfort, Sonia Kashuk's "Chocoholic" is fun. Another easy,  classic, and sophisticated shade  option is a very red polish (again, depending on your work environment…) I find that wearing more 'easy' shades to work helps the hours pass, but then again I am a polish addict.

I suggest having at least +4 polishes for this category. Give yourself options, pick shades that are safe, but have an interesting quality (warmth, microshimmers, etc…) Sadly,  work is a place to work, you must save your polish savvy for play! 

Bright and in your face! Dark and sultry~ Glitter! Classic Pinks! Daring Blues! Shocking Violets, Futuretastic Fushia's, Grass Greens, Decal nails, fancy nail art, stamping, ANYTHING but neutrals, or  nudes! Every collection needs play room!  

These colors are your instant mood lifts, the accessory your eyes keep being drawn to. This part of your collection should house your favorite color(s), and  little pops of unexpected pigmentation.

Take Note: Impulsive buying, euphoric discoveries...This is the danger zone. As polish newbie you may be tempted to go out and buy a polish in every shade, or multiple polishes in your favorite shade. Which is totally fine, but! If you find yourself unable to stop, try to set up a routine. 

What? A routine for BUYING polish? Yes! Here is where the wonderful world of swatches, bloggers and google help. Not every color in the bottle looks perfect on your hands. Not every polish is created equal. It's important to educate yourself and slowly build polishes in different shades--you'll use more of your polishes, you'll make smarter investments and (hopefully) kill that urge to buy every polish in every collection that gets released. 

I suggest having anywhere from +14 polishes in very broad colors, and varying textures. Play with microshimmers, textured or 'effect' top coats, glitters, mattes, explore your happy. 

Fashion comes and goes. This isn't as apparent in the nail world, simply because we tend to paint our nails colors we are drawn to. But, there are seasons for some colors, and there are always 'trendy' colors. Ever notice how this year MINT polish as been everywhere? Although Orange (pantone) was called the color of the year, Mint took over and has been on everyone's list. From youtubers to bloggers, none were untempted. This is wonderful, if your favorite color gets highlighted you're going to love all the options that suddenly pop up. If purple ever gets trendy I know I'll be ecstatic. 

Take note: a  trendy polish color spawns multiple similar polishes. The good: more options for finding the right trend polish for your skin tone. The bad: getting carried away because polishes look similar but are not the same. Since trendy implies short lived (or well, short enjoyed, not necessarily true  for our nail world but…) try to limit yourself with the amount of bottles you do end up purchasing in the 'current color' -- if you have more than 5, stop!

Every polish collection needs favorites. Ideally --- your Top 10 polishes. Granted these change over time but are chosen from within your collection. I believe it's important to gauge how certain polishes make you feel and to repeat colors you do love. It's easy to get carried away with trends but enjoying your collection is fundamental.

And in true, blogging fashion, my story: I admit, I have been through an intense buying phase where I was unable to take inventory of what I had, how I was expanding and if what I was purchasing was making me happy. I felt very guilty for getting caught up in building my collection without properly using the polish I had or researching which tones work with my skin.  I make an immense effort to use new polishes before going back to my favorites / purchasing more. I enjoy my color phases, I can weather my "impulsive wants," I'm trying to slowly expand each area bit by bit. By building my collection slowly I appreciate my polishes more. 

As I tried to analyze my polish collection I realized the importance of developing a system to organizing my polishes and to curb my impulses. This is why my polish collection is divided into categories: work, play, trends, & hits.  In order to benefit from my collection I had to develop a system to use my polishes in appropriate settings. Granted, I wear nudes when I feel like it, I'll wear glitter on my toes or heck, neon.  My choices of what to wear are often ruled by my emotion on that day. My purchases are ruled by the depth of those four categories. 

At the end of the day, it's all about that pretty color on your tips isn't it? 

Top & Base coats explained in FULL here {happy reading}

What is your collection like?

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