butter LONDON deal!!!!

Want to get 3 butter London polishes & a top coat (matte or clear) for only $11?

website: https://www.coterie.com/  (not a referral link)
access code: OBSESSED-VIP (if they ask for it)
checkout code: VIPMEMBER

I wanted to wait and make sure other bloggers were receiving their polishes/products and sure to behold they were! The deal was in fact SOLD OUT for the last two days. They've just brought it back and I'm here to share with you!

(You're getting $25 off your purchase which brings your total form $36 down to $11!)

Color choices are limited to: Wallis, West End Wonderland, Knackered, All Hail the Queen, Bluey, Pilar Box Red, Matte Top Coat or Clear Top Coat.

Also shipping was $4.99

My total was $16.05 -- still a good deal for 3 butter London polishes

_____THIS IS SOLD OUT NOW!!! 09/18/2012_____

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