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butter LONDON

A while back Ulta had a sweet promo, BOGO butter LONDON polishes. Needless to say I was tempted by 3, but because I like even numbers I purchased 4. I really wanted Gobsmacked, was persuaded to try Teddy Girl and the rest I blame on curiosity.

Chimney Sweep: a metallic charcoal polish, a slight hint of foil finishes but leans towards a dull gunmetal, non-streaky, smooth application. 2 coats.

Gobsmacked: small light grey almost silver glitter immersed within a charcoal base. No, this is NOT similar to China Glaze "Tinsel Town" or Sinful Colors Professional "Secret Admirer" I initially purchased this polish believing I had found the 'high end' version of the previous two polishes mentioned. This was not the case. Why? Expect a comparison post soon! But nonetheless after layers of top coat this polish shines like no other. 2 coats.

Teddy Girl:a vibrant baby pink. A bit too bright for my skin tone, making my hands look darker than normal. It is still very wearable, just my dark polish bias showing. Application was easy, formula was true butter London ease. Read the [{review }] that persuaded me to try this--doesn't it look darling on her hands?  2-3 coats.

No More Waite, Katie: soft purple glitter in a smokey grey base. I actually enjoy this odd combo. I'm a fan of purple glitter in darker bases. Thin coats are your best beat to even coverage. 2-3 coats.

Verdict: Gobsmacked is a top-coat gobbler! Be warned if you dislike gritty textured polishes. Olive skin tones may find 'Teddy Girl' a tad bright, I'm personally not used to such vibrant baby pinks. No More Waite, Katie will defiantly get more wear from me, the smoky grey and light purple glitter are begging for my attention.

You can purchase butter London polishes here or here .

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