butter LONDON trio

butter LONDON via Coterie

There were six polishes up on Coterie.com: Wallis, West End Wonderland, Knackered, All Hail the Queen, Bluey, Pillar Box Red. What did I pick? Did I like?

I choose to get West End Wonderland, Pillar Box Red, and Bluey.

Bluey: a slight teal blue metallic, not a glitter not a creme. The green hints are subtle, making this polish vary a little throughout the day.  3 coats, and yes base coat is a must!

Pillar Box Red: the equivalent to a bold red lip, super bright, and the perfect classic red. Clean up does get tricky and leaves a really noticeable rosy pink stain. 2 coats.

West End Wonderland:  gold glitter mixed with red, and hints of yellow. Removal depends on the layers of top coat you apply. With no top coat you can simply press your damp cotton ball on the nail, count to five, and remove easily. With top coat it takes the usual glitter removal patience. 2-3 coats. 
*Tip: depending on your base coat you can play up the red hints of glitter with a copper base and obtain a red-copper glitter.

Verdict: Pillar Box Red is THE perfect red. I can't get enough of it. West End Wonderland is super fun to layer, a perfect glitter to use for glitter french tip nails.

You can purchase butter london here.

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