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Before I relish in obtaining some of the "James Bond" Collection polishes, I thought I'd revisit my past OPI purchases, enjoy!

Diva of Geneva: in the bottle a vampy, dark purple but on the nails a less dramatic grape-maroon purple. The gold sheen does not show on the nails which was slightly disappointing but application was very smooth, removal left no stains. 2 coats.

Danke Shiny Red: Beautiful red, not a true creme polish. It's hard to pin point exactly but the formula does have red microshimmers in it, but on the nail there are no noticeable particles.  Slightly deeper than butter London "Pillar Box Red" 2-3 coats.

Lucerne Tainly Looks Marvelous: a darker grey graphite with tiny hints of purple, blue, green glitters. Do suggest an extra layer of top coat, your nails will shine nicely at night too. 2 coats.

Just Spotted the Lizard: green gold duo-chrome released to promote the Spiderman movie. A wonderful polish, completely wearable. I was initially hesitant but thanks to { [warmfrenchonionsoup ] } I took the plunge and was very happy. 2 coats.

I Lily Love You:  nonuniform glitters in a pink base. Some opal glitters, some square, some triangle type flakes. Blue flakes are especially beautiful and add a special something to this glitter mix. This was one of the polishes I really really really wanted. This is perfect to use over a base, as a sheer base for french nails, looks SO DAMN GOOD over black polish. 3+ coats with no base, 1 coat with base. (I wonder if I might've bought a fake, the sticker is very different…)

It's My Year: dare I call this a purple gold duo-chrome? Although the finish is that of a foil polish. This is by far my ULTIMATE bias. A mauved purple that varies from gold, rose-broze gold, and highlighter purple. I can't get enough. May just need to put this on my nails now. Super addictive, super hard to photograph. 2 coats.

Verdict: "It's My Year" is one of my top all time favorite polishes-GET IT. "I Lily Love You" is a versatile glitter, amazes in day light. "Just Spotted the Lizard" has great lasting power, along side "Danke Shiny Red"

You can purchase OPI at Ulta ~ Sephora ~ 

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