Do you like Eggplant?

I actually only prefer eggplant on my nails --in polish form of course! Today's blog post highlights dark, deep purple polishes perfect for the fall weather!

O.P.I "Diva of Geneva"  | the lightest dark purple of the bunch, heck it's more of a purple-maroon, but in the bottle it looks very close to this range of colors, thus i too fell victim to in the bottle differences. Previously reviewed { [here as well.] }  2 coats.

Zoya "Lael" | one of my top fall plum purple shades. A deep burgundey-toned purple, but applies like a rich grape (jelly) shade on the nails! This stays a true dark purple without turning too dark and resembling black. Previously reviewed { [here as well.] } 1 opaque, but I like 2 coats.

Sally Hansen Manicure "Pat on the Black" | a deeper cranberry purple, this really does turn into a black polish if you pat on too much. 1 coat 

butter London "Marrow" | this is a great dark purple, it may look close to "Grey Area" when wet, but let this dry to a deep indigo purple. the photos capture  the silver shimmer that helps lighten this murky purple shade.Previously reviewed { [here as well.] } 2 coats.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Grey Area" | a light, dusty purple. Might seem similar to zoya "kelly" which is more of a blue-toned grey,  "Grey Area" is more purple--closer to zoya "Petra". 2 coats.

Avon "Midnight Plum" | this is truly the darkest purple I own. Also falls victim to becoming too dark on the nail if applied thick. 1-1.5 coats .

Essie "Carry On" | a very deep raisin brown purple. Very vampy, very dark. 1-1.5 coats.

Verdict: Lael is the darkest and stays truest to eggplant purple. Marrow is a great alternative to Lael. Others fall too dark or not dark enough for me.

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