Easiest Glitter Removal Ever!!

DIY Peel Off Base Coat~

Get your glitters out!

What you'll need:

Elmer's Glue (any non-toxic school glue)
An empty polish bottle*
Glitter Polishes
Base Coat
Top Coat
Bobby Pin (optional)

Prepping your base coat:

Step 1| Ensure your polish bottle is fully empty & clean. You can put half-a-lid of pure acetone nail polish remover in the bottle and give it a shake. Place the bottle upside-down, let gravity remove liquids from the bottle. (You may need to swipe your polish brush clean.)

Step 2| Fill your polish bottle with Elmer's Glue, I stopped after having my bottle 2/3 full. 

Step 3| Decorate your new base coat bottle, you'll constantly reach for it! It's ready to be used as you please.

Let's get to the polishes!

I've used two of my favorite glitters from Sinful Colors Professionals:

Frenzy | light, bright blue glitters clashing with fun purple glitters, intermingling with few silver glitters, this is a party on anyone's nails! Yes, my description maybe cheesy but once you see this combination in person you'll agree with me. Super nice colour, terribly long application, particularly due to the very liquify base. These glitters are suspended in a clear base that does not get thicker over time. I quit counting after 4 coats, I'm pretty sure I've used close to 7 to achieve the opaqueness you see. Try  to dab on in a large dot, let it rest, then distribute evenly across your nail. 

I Miss You | pink & silver glitter immersed in a tinted rose base. The base colour is very close to O.P.I's glitter polish "I Lily Love You."  This polish is much easier, & nicer to apply compared to "Frenzy," this polish does become thicker over time but not unusable. It's opaque in 2 coats, but I chose to apply 4 thin coats.

If there's anything I loathe about polishes, it's the glitter removal. Far too frustrating and messy. Glitter removal is one of the reasons why I avoid using glitter. "Frenzy" has definitely left its mark after every removal…sometimes weeks after I'd see those shining blue & purple glitters hiding away on my desk! 

Needless to say I had to find a solution.

Elmer's glue is non-toxic, fast drying, dries clear, and is meant to be used to work on a variety of surfaces. I understand that an intended purpose is not nails--- but since this is used regularly in schools, I'm sure we can risk a day or two on the nails ; ] . In the hunt for peeling base coats I discovered the main ingredient (pva, an adhesive polymer used in water emulsion) was also found in Elmer's glue (its also in pva wood glue.)

Here's what I did:

Step 1| Applied my personal choice of base coat.

the white blob is an undried thick bubble, even distribution is a bit tricky...

Step 2| Evenly spread a layer of Elmer's glue. Make sure your polish wand & brushes were clean! My brush hardened and is very hard to work with, nonetheless I did my best to get an even layer. Let this dry completely, don't even attempt to touch your nails if they're still white. The glue will dry to a semi-stain matte finish. The thicker the layers the longer the wait. But through trail and error I've discovered the thicker the easier to remove!

if only I could show you the sparkle in real life....

Step 3| Go glitter happy, really, don't hold back.

Step 4| Top coat. 

Step 5| Enjoy your nails. You can wash your hands, apply lotion, etc…without worrying about the base peeling. Your nails should survive at the very least one day of wear.  I can't say what the max is exactly, but I'd anticipate a time span close to 2 days. 

Removal is simple. You can use a cuticle pusher, I don't own one and I find a tooth pick to be too harsh. What I used was a bent bobby pin. 

I used the side of the bobby pin to gently scrunch and move the polish upwards. I did have to apply a tiny bit of pressure (my glue layer was really thin.) But as you can tell, the glitter removed easily. Very clean~ 

Verdict: big hit. I'll defiantly be using this 'DIY base coat' more and more, I may have just unleashed my inner glitter villain. Oh my. I'm actually very curious to try this with foil polishes & my favorite bright blues.

Polishes that did not work well: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Deborah Lippmann

You can find Elmer's glue at any store that sells school/craft supplies.

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