Faux Marble~ via Saran!


Special Tutorial!

Follow the cut to achieve the above look

Step 1 || Base coat, & Base color. Choose and apply your trusted base coat. Currently I'm using "O.P.I"  Natural Nail base coat. Then apply your base coat of choice, allow it to dry FULLY.

Step 2 || Tear off a small piece of saran (plastic) wrap, scrunch into a little ball.

Step 3 || Apply one layer of your 'saran' or accent color. Here I applied one coat of Zoya | Robyn

Step 4 || Take your piece of saran, using scrunching motions, poke at your accent color. You should achieve a look close to this:

Step 5 || Allow the saran-ed nail to dry completely. Repeat for all nails.
*Tip: use a new scrunched piece for each nail.

Step 6 || Fret not if it looks messy, apply top coat, & enjoy! Top coat really helps smooth any "sharp" looking edges and really adds to the marble effect. Do not skip the top coat!

Originally this was meant to be a "FALL EDITION" of the saran wrap tutorial. I based the tutorial off of the changing colors of leaves as fall progresses. But it was a massive FAIL. Or rather, I may just dislike how green polish "marbles."  Refusing to end on a bad note I tested out the two Zoya!

Did my stubbornness pay off?

Zoya can be purchased here. Majority of the polishes can be found at ULTA.
No, my skin is not discolored, it's my henna. The debut of my hands >.< So nervous.

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