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Avon | Color Club | China Glaze

I know I usually save my nail looks for the monthly post…but this nail look was directly inspired from my dear friend WARMFRENCHONIONSOUP, on her blog she is doing a 25 Days of Christmas themed manicure post bonanza ~ So many pretty glitters & combinations. I was tempted.

After seeing posts and posts of glitter polish I also made a winter-themed manicure for myself.  My inspirations/thinking behind this was "icicles hitting the light." Anyways! Enjoy the photos:

pinky & ring: Color Club | Hydrangea Kiss
all the rest: Avon | Vintage Blue
glitter: China Glaze | Luxe and Lush

Hydrengea Kiss: is a very unique color. I think it's closest to the feel of "Periwinkle" by China Glaze. However the formula leaves much to be desired, it's only been two hours and I got two chips! I don't mind it too much though, since the color is very pretty and application was smooth. 2 coats.

Vintage Blue: a very light, airy blue more suited to spring. This is my 'almost' white but not white polish. Application, as with most Avon polishes, is tricky initially but once you've practices it applies flawlessly. 3 coats.

Luxe and Lush: I've previously reviewed this {here}. It's a great flakey polish to pick up if you don't own many. The lighter blue glitters help bring out the baby blue hue of  Vintage Blue, and the darker pink/gold glitter flakes do well to compliment Hydrangea Kiss.

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