The Silver Lining.

This comparison post features various nail polishes that meet the following criteria: a grey-to-black base with silver glitter/micro-shimmers. 

See what made the cut! (Two Dupes in here!)

Sinful Colors Professional | Secret Admirer: charchol black base with a modest amount of fine silver glitter. This isn't your in the face bling, but upon closer inspection shines with might. Application was a breeze, no streaking, no balding. But some staining, do get your base coat on! Shine's brightly with top coat. Very smooth on the nails, no gritty texture.  2 coats.

butter London | Gobsmacked: rich charchol grey base packed with tiny silver-grey glitter. After gobbling top coat this polish will shine like no tomorrow, very dazzling, a great alternative to flat black polishes. [another look here] 2-3 coats. TONS of top coat.

China Glaze | Tinsel Town: released with the previous holiday collection, One of my top 3 polishes. Yes, despite all that glitter intensity. 2 coats.

O.P.I. | Lucerne-Tanily Look Marvelous: released with "The Amazing Spiderman" collection, looks marvelous in direct sunlight! Let this dry before applying top coat! Otherwise be ready for tiny green & purple micro-shimmers to invade your other polishes. [another look here] 3 coats.

Revlon | Black with Envy: unfortunately a limited edition polish, a gunmetal metallic with slight teal & silver micro-shimmers. A proposed dupe for "Chanel Black Pearl" but I have no say in this matter. 3 coats.

Revlon | Carbonite: another much sought after polish. A pewter gray with a distinct finish, offers a slightly cooler base in comparison to the rest of the polishes. Granted, this is the lighted swatch of all polishes but in the bottle this gives the appearance of a darker base packed with silver metallic micro-shimmers that achieve a foil-esq finish. Solid formula. A proposed dupe for "Chanel Graphite" again I have no say in this matter. 1 coat.

China Glaze | Stone Cold: released with "The Hunger Games" collection, this is originally a matte polish, but with a top coat this is exactly "Secret Admirer" However, the wear of this polish is not as lasting. Prone to chips. 1 coat.

China Glaze | Some Like It Haute: charcoal grey with scattered multi-colored holographic glitters, the larger hex glitters really make this polish shine. The smaller, darker, gritty glitters make it very hard to find a base polish. It's too dark to pair onto lighter shades, but a black base is lost with the thick micro-glitters filled within this polish. Dries to a somewhat matte finish --strange for a glitter polish no? A top coat gobbler as well, heck a guzzler. 2-3 coats.

butter London | Chimney Sweep: another gunmetal beauty that look---resembles Revlon's "Black with Envy". Revlon's formula is easier to work with and offers better opaqueness, but clean up is easier with butter London. [another look here] 2-3 coats.

be sure to ENLARGE!!! 

Verdict: You must get "Tinsel Town" to experience the beauty in person. I was pretty surprised to learn that Sinful Colors Professional "Secret Admirer" and China Glaze "Stone Cold" (with a top coat) are virtually the same polish lacquer. Revlon "Black with Envy" is the exact same finish as butter London "Chimney Sweep." My oh my. It's great that there are more affordable options for both finishes.  I feel slightly silly thinking "Gobsmacked" "Tinsel Town" and "Secret Admirer" were all close to one another…lesson learned! Swatches always a must!

You can find all most polish brands at ulta . Some might only be found via amazon/ebay as separate polishes from a previous seasonal collection release.

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