Euro Centrale OPI 2013

Is it too soon for spring posts? Skip this post if you wish~

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Do you spend more money on polish in the Spring or Winter times?

Colors form left to right:

  •, Vant to Bite My Neck? I Saw…U saw…We Saw…Warsaw, OPI…Eurso Euro, Can't Find my Czechbook, You're Such A BudaPest, My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours!, Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!, A Woman's Prauge-ative, OY-Another Polish Joke!, My Vmapire is Buff

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This is the first look / promo teaser for OPI 2013 spring collection titled "Euro Centrale" I exepcially enjoy the cute names. "Can't Find My Czechbook?" Maybe you should also ask Essie "Where's My Chauffeur?" ...What? The two polishes DO look similiar. Maybe the blues have my brain…no the blues definitely have me on board. resembles one of my favorite glitter polishes by Sinful Colors Professional called "FRENZY" but with chunkier glitters, it looks divine!  Paprika might have me... oh and then the pretty shimmers! Okay Okay, I'll stop.

Expected to be released February 2013.

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