I'm So Sari

I'm So Sari | Sephora by O.P.I

This beautiful gem of a polish is a balance of larger, round hexagonal glitters, and regular silver & blue glitters, immersed in a teal-blue base. BEAUTIFUL.  The base does have a slight metallic/foil finish. This is totally a top coat guzzling polish. This polish is totally build-able. Opaque in 2-3 coats.

You MUST enlarge these photos:

The way the light hits this polish is dazzling. Polish-a-holics would recognize me immediately. I can't stop starring at my nails. This polish makes up for my pure disappointment with Zoya Zuza. As you can see below, Zuza is duller, less distinct and the 'foil' finish didn't live up to it's name.


This is my first SOPI polish. The length of the brush, and width of the brush were appreciated. I will warn you, I'm a huge large brush fan. SOPI brush is wonderful at first, however after 12  strokes the tips of the brush fanned out and didn't allow very clean application. Could just be my bottle.

overcast lighting

And yes! In order to capture just exactly how the light captures the shimmering glitters I debut…my first video! Nothing too fancy! 

Verdict: I suggest adding this collection to your polish if you too were disappointed with Zoya Zuza.

Sephora by OPI can only be purchased at Sephora stores or sephora.com

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