OPI Collection!!! "Oz the Great and Powerful"

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I'm pretty excited about the movie Oz. And now, although I should've expected it, there is a polish collection! OPI is releasing these soft shades. Not much word is out about them… but I like.

I'm eyeing "Which is Witch?" and "Lights of Emerald City" I'm undecided whether or not to pick up "When Monkeys Fly" and of course will wait for swatches. "Which is Witch?" DOES look similar to "Pirouette My Whistle" but I've been un-lucky in my timing and have not picked it up. I'm curious as to how "Lights of Emerald City" looks, is it a white glitter? Is it a flake glitter? Is it hexagonal? Is it both? Oh! Maybe the pinks look nice too. It's probably the names. Oh how I fall for cute names. Anything you like?

Expected to be released around March! 

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