The Golden Age, Sequins!

Glitter Comparison!

Revlon Sequins VS Sephora by O.P.I The Golden Age~

Top: SOPI- The Golden Age
Bottom: Revlon- Sequins
Yes, they are different. Enlarge the photos if you don't believe me.

The base I used was Revlon "Fashonista" a creme dark tael polish, I enjoy this dark peacock teal. Opaque in 2 coats. Dries nicely and application was very smooth. 

enlarge me~

Revlon | Sequins: a lovely toned gold glitter that has hexagonal glitter pieces mixed with finer gold glitter.  At certain lights these glitters can resemble silver glitter, but in darker settings the yellow gold shines through. Not too dense, thus allows a nice minimal application that can be built up to full coverage, 1 coat in photo.

Sephora by O.P.I | The Golden Age:  gold and silver hexagonal glitter in a clear base.The silver glitter mixes well with the gold glitter but is not lost--causing this to be a lighter polish in comparison to Sequins. The silver hexagonal glitters are slightly larger than their gold counter part. Densely packed! The larger SOPI brush may make a minimal application tricky. 1 coat.

Verdict: TGA is a lot denser and more flashy in comparison to Sequins.  I'm torn, I love the solid old glitter of Sequins but appreciate the mix of silver & gold TGA offers. Price point, Revlon is a lot more affordable (~$5) compared to SOPI (~$9, currently on sale for ~$5 online.) Both offer good pay off and sparkle in the light. 

I know Revlon Sequins was released in part of the 2012 Holiday collection so it may be a limited release...! 

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