Twilight Rays, Storm?

Dupes they be not!

Today's highlights are Zoya Storm & Maybelline Color Show Twilight Rays, they look close right? Two black polishes with golden glitter mixed in. Well, they're in fact very different! (pic heavy)

Zoya | Storm: I was pleasantly surprised at this polish. I was a non-believer and thought this color had been done, it had nothing different to offer…I was very surprised when applying & staring over and over at my nails. Storm is a black polish infused with micro-fine gold, silver, blue, red, purple, green "holo-glitters"…SO PRETTY.   In incandescent light it's a tad harder to pick up on the smaller purple, green, teal holo-glitters (See photo below). This is one of those polishes you're definitely going to have to see in person. If I dare go there, it shines like butter London "Knackered" meets butter London "The Dark Knight." 3 coats.

*please not last square is half "storm" & half "twilight rays"

Maybelline Color Show | Twilight Rays:  Small gold flecks immersed in a dark black (leans slightly green) base. This is a unique combination in the bottle, and I was excited to try it immediately.The round lid does make it a tad difficult to apply, once on the nail it. In good lighting this polish lives up to its anticipation. The gold flecks look smooth. However, in darker lighting the gold is lost, and this resorts to being a black polish, with weird dots.  3 coats.

do click !!

you can really see the green tint of "twilight rays" here.

"Storm"  index & middle fingers | "Twilight Rays" ring & pinky fingers

Verdict: If you want something that reminds you of the milky way, I suggest Storm. The funky holo-glitters will constantly catch your eye. Maybelline Color Show is a nice polish but fell flat and failed to outshine.

I did my best to capture these polishes in all the lights I had available, an overcast day makes for harsh photo-conditions...

Both available at Ulta~

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