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Hello! Another preview post! This time it's China Glaze AVANT GARDE for Spring 2013. This was originally posted up here (<-this site has actual swatches!!) They look very pretty but might be colors you already have in your collection.

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Pastel Petals includes:

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Blooming Brights includes:

Many of these remind me of their last spring ElectroPop "BRIGHTS" and "NEON" releases...I'm pretty sure I will chance my mind once I see these in person or get more swatches.

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These seem like very wearable pastels!  I'm curious about three: Life is Rosy,  Passion for Petals, and Mimosas Before Mani (a coral!) I may or may not be purely intrigued by "Keep Calm and Paint On" because of its name. What do you feel?

This isn't up on the China Glaze website at all! They are instead promoting the Glitz collection...

Expected release late January early February. 

FULL credit to the image sources! I did not take any of these photos nor do I own them! I could not find promotional pictures from China Glaze.

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