dfp - glitter frenzy! Glistening Gold Glitters!

Glitter Frenzy --- Essie Luxe Effects, Butter London, Sinful Colors Professional !!! 

You Know you wan to!

shine of times | on darker polishes this can shine red, gold, green, but if you've seen my icicle post, you know on lighter colors this offer a subtle sheen of lavender, icy blue, opal stone tones,  and yes, in the right lights, a gold tint takes over. A very smooth "flakie" option, almost leaves a fine dragon-scale effect

as gold as it gets | smooth flakes of gold glitter in a clear base, this is a lighter finish compared to "shine of times"

shine of times - index and ring
as gold as it gets - middle and pinkie

(more Essie LuxeEffects coming soon!!)

butter London | West End Wonderland :  As previously described, this is a pale yellow gold glitter with hints of  smaller red and orange glitters. Super fine glitter, almost texture less with only one layer of top coat! Very Opaque.

Sinful Colors Professional | All About You : A darker, warmer toned gold. Much like "West End Wonderland" this glitter does contain smaller orange and red glitters, but leans a bit more coppery. 

butter london - index and ring
scp - middle and pinkie

Verdict: "Shine of Times" is very unique! I love the yellowness of "All About You." but if its opacity you're after the safest bet is butter London "West End Wonderland." The only glitter that falls in comparison would have to be "As Gold As It Gets" …it could get a litter golder! To see an in-depth comparison of the two Essie, please click here.

Post Basics: ENLARGE for detail! All glitters are painted on a 1 coat of a black base,  1 coat of glitter polish, and 1 coat of top coat.  I did not go all the way up to the cuticle because 10-15 glitters in one sitting would be sending my hands to trauma city! Yes, you will be seeing that grey cuff for the future posts.

This is the first in a series of posts that are solely glitter based! Stay tuned for more essie, butter london, and yes! Raiding my Sinful Colors Professional collection of glitters! 

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