dfp - glitter frenzy! Rosey Pinks!

Glitter Frenzy --- Rosie Lee vs A Cut Above!!! 

Aren't they pretty? Expand for more swatches!

butter London | Rosie Lee : Pale Pink glitter in a clear base, very fine, very dense. A very classy feminine pink glitter. Not really for layering --one very thin coat was used in the photo above, this polish builds very readily. 2 coats opacity! (previously seen here )

essie | A Cut Above : Pink glitz bonanza, small, medium, hexagonal, round, fine glitters all in a clear base. This glitter can get chunky so build your coats from thin to thick! The clear base is great for layering over multiple shades. (From my research this polish is very close to Deborah Lippmann's Some Enchanted Evening --though A Cut Above may be a bit more copper-rose pink) 

butter london | index + middle
essie | ring & pinkie

Verdict: Honestly, these two polishes are very different from one another. Since I *must* I would opt for the essie since it can be layered and used over multiple polishes. Recently butter London did increase their prices (now at $15 a polish) and although they were always traumatizing to the wallet, I now think a while longer before making the purchase plunge.

Post Basics: ENLARGE for detail! 1 coat painted on my nail, all have top coats, all used over a black polish (ORLY "Vinyl Liquid", wheel swatches may have more than 1 coat.) See the previous glitter frenzy post here .

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