Glitz by China Glaze

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Launching February 2013, featuring 6 3D glitters. Apparently the buzz is that these six chunky glitters ARE the new China Glaze colors for Spring. The full collection is titled "Glitz," chunky glitters mixed with black bitz'n'pieces to create a textured effect. I guess this could be the new polish trend--texturized polishes? Needless to say these are not the spring colors I had anticipated. I'm not sure how to take this news really, was expecting a release slightly less...well holiday-esq.

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A lot of these glitters have been done previously so I'm curious as to what the "3D" effect offers --will it make these glitters stand out? Holographic glitters are definitely not easily captured on camera...Should I prepare a special 3D lens? I do have a 3D mobile camera near me! Either way, not too entirely keen on this collection. Only one polish has my interest. Let's see if swatches change anything. Are you picking up any?

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07 January 2013 @ 2:44 PM / 1 comments

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