Midweek Manicure -- Julep!

Todays Midweek Manicure highlights: Julep.

Lily | a purple pink that dries to a matte! Its one of the very few mattes that I own and the only bright matte polish. The formula is thin, does not build easily. I found it very hard to build layers as the polish does tend to get goop up near the cuticle beds. I stopped after 4 coats.

Sasha | an orange based polish that leans more coral rather than orange. Thick formula, be sure to clean your wand prior to application on your nails. The bottle shape does not make this easy. This is a very fun, festive color -- more appropriate for summer than the rainy weather. The most opaque polish out of the "It Girl" introductory box. 3 coats.

The nail line still peeks through after 3-4 coats of polish. Not something I am a fan of. But with a top coat I can't help but watch the shine in sunlight.

enlarge me!!
incandescent light
Both of these have been previously reviewed here. I  am not a fan of Julep creme polishes. These are not too easy to work with, the brush makes polish application a bit tough. 

I am happy with the Julep Glitters.

Julep is a monthly nail polish service (much like ipsy, birchbox… ) They do have great deals --you can get your box for only a penny! The service is simple, go to the site, take a fun quiz, get "sorted" into a category, and every month you will receive a box filled with at least two polishes and some manicure/pedicure treats.

Verdict: I have my eyes set on Julep glitters. Personally, I am a huge Julep GLITTERs fan. I simply adore Mila! I'm not too impressed by either Lily or Sasha. I don't want to give up on Julep just yet…if you're curious to try, a penny isn't a bad bargain! Once I find codes I will update this post.

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