Midweek Manicure -- love&beauty!

Todays Midweek Manicure highlights: love & beauty.

I must always bite away the temptations of forever21 workers sneakingly asking "Would you like to add a nail polish for only $2.80?" On an unfortunate nail polish hunt I stumbled into forever21 and let the retail associate talk me into a polish. I actually own three love&beauty polishes, but today I present to you my favorite color! Purple!

Purple | this is a rich vampy purple mixed with gold micro shimmers that really lighten up the nail paint. The brush is a pretty average brush, the formula is very smooth but over time it does thicken. Great coverage, opaque in only 1 coat! 

I know us vampy-polish lovers feel disappointed about losing the color of darker polishes.Though this does look like a vampy-dark purple, fear not! The color purple does not get lost and transition into a dark polish.  I love how the gold sparkles when the sunlight hits it just at the right angle.

Verdict: I love the opacity & color payoff for this price point. If you can put up with the bad staining, or only want a 1-2 day manicure, at $2.80 this is a bargain indeed! 

love&beauty can be purchased in forever21 stores or online.

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