Midweek Manicure -- Magnetic!

Todays Midweek Manicure highlight: nails inc. Magnetic Polish.

The color I have today is trafalgar square: a light silver, gunmetal shade. A frosty grey. opaque in 2 coats. I purchased the "wave" / chevron-esq design.

The magnetic polish steps:

First attempt!

I love how the design reacts to light and movement! Something to see in person as photos cannot capture this yet. 

natural lighting (yes, excuse my ring finger ._. )

Initially I was disappointed with magnetic polishes, but being the addict that I am I tried again! I'm glad I picked up this nails inc magnetic polish! I've learned that not all magnets are created equal.  The nails inc magnet forms the design QUICKLY.  You don't have a lot of time to play with your magnet placing.

incandescent light

*Tips learned through trial and error:

If you were wondering, the China Glaze magnet CANNOT compare to the strength of the nails inc. magnet. 

China Glaze Magnetix in "Con-Fused?"
Used with China Glaze "U" Magnet, attempted the chevron & star design

Below is the China Glaze Magnetix "Con-fused" used with the nails inc. magnet:
As you can see, the NAILS INC magnet forms clearer, stronger designs. 

Verdict: I enjoy this! It's a very easily achievable look! I was lucky in that I paid around $3.00 for this polish! The Sephora nearest me had this polish on sale for $7.00 & I had received a Wrapp gift certificate for $5. The nicest ~$3 spent! Check to see if its on sale near you! I would skip purchasing the China Glaze magnet, it is not worth the price! Since magnetic polishes work with any magnetic polish --invest in buying a strong magnet!

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