dfp - glitter frenzy! butter London must haves!

Glitter Frenzy --- Gobsmacked vs The Dark Knight!!! 

Two of my top go to butter London polishes.

butter London | Gobsmacked : silver glitter immersed within a charcoal base, a sparkly dark black glitter polish, Very unique, super dense, not for layering! (previously seen here & here )

butter London | The Dark Knight :  black glitter polish that contains pink, blue, silver, green fine glitters in a deep black base. In typical butter London fashion a dense glitter, not for layering! (previously seen here & here )

enlarge !!

Verdict: I adore both polishes. I do admit to being a lover of dark polishes, these two offer some spunk to the traditional black polish. Great choices!

Post Basics: ENLARGE for detail! 1 coat painted on my nails, all have top coats, all used over a black polish (ORLY "Vinyl Liquid") wheel swatches may have more than 1 coat. I did not go up to the cuticle because 10-15 glitters in one sitting would be sending my hands to trauma city! See the previous post here.

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09 February 2013 @ 8:30 AM / 1 comments

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