dfp - glitter frenzy finale! Sinful Colors Professional!

Glitter Frenzy --- Frenzy, I Miss You !!! 

My top favorite Sinful Colors Glitters!

Sinful Colors Professional | Frenzy : light, bright blue glitters clashing with fun purple glitters, silver glitters help lighten this mixture. So much fun, one of my favorite glitter polishes! Easy to layer with, hard to build up on its own…

Sinful Colors Professional | I Miss You : pink & silver glitter immersed in a tinted pink, rosy base. I love how this looks on its own, such a delight feminine look. Very pretty, the smaller glitter particles help brighten and keep this glitter lively. 


Verdict: If you've read my easy glitter removal post, you'll know that I love Frenzy & I Miss You. Great for layering, great for a quick pick me up. Perfect for manicures, or adding a little sparkle to your nails. Versatile polishes, great formula, neither has goop-ifed on me. Love! 

Post Basics: ENLARGE for detail! 1 coat painted on my nails, all have top coats, all used over a black polish (ORLY "Vinyl Liquid") wheel swatches may have more than 1 coat. See the previous post here.

Thats it! The finale of my glitter posts! Be sure to browse the tag in case you've missed any! Thanks for joining me.

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