dfp - glitter frenzy! Sinful Colors Professional Nail Junkies!

Glitter Frenzy --- Nail Junkie, Call You Later !!! 

Not your average fine glitter polishes. The complexity & combinations these two glitters offer is grand. Hit the cut for details!

Sinful Colors Professional | Call You Later / green glitter : green, yellow-green, and gold glitters suspended in a clear base. Large dark green glitter, medium light green round glitters, fine yellow-green, gold glitters, very complex! A grassy, bright green, great for layering. I've had this for 2+ years now, and it has yet to goop-ify. Sadly I purchased mine that has no label…but a google search indicates that this is "Call You Later"

Sinful Colors Professional | Nail Junkie : multi-colored fine flitters packed into a light blue tinted base. Large round multi-toned gold, blue glitters, smaller blue and gold glitters, very pretty! In the bottle this may look turquoise but on the nail is very very similar to "Pinky Glitter." I am slightly in love with how this looks over the black base. Almost cosmic.

call you later | index & ring
nail junkie | middle & pinkie

Since Nail Junkie looks teal, and enjoy a comparison of Milani Jewel Fx "Teal" and butter London "Henley Regatta" :
review of Heley Regatta here.
review of Milani Jewel Fx here.

Verdict: If you already own SCP "Pinky Glitter" you can opt to skip out on the teal Nail Junkie as both colors look exactly the same over a dark base. Call You Later is a great fine glitter to use for layering. 

Post Basics: ENLARGE for detail! 1 coat painted on my nails, all have top coats, all used over a black polish (ORLY "Vinyl Liquid") wheel swatches may have more than 1 coat. I did not go up to the cuticle because 10-15 glitters in one sitting would be sending my hands to trauma city! See the previous post here.

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