Midweek Manicure -- Sally Hansen Manicure!

Todays Midweek Manicure highlights: So Much Fawn.

I liked Boca Mocha so much I tried out another polish!

So Much Fawn |  not exactly a dusky rose pink, a tad darker than Zoya "Addison". Sally Hansen Manicure polishes nicely self-level. This formula required a more efficient use of the brush, which, due to the large size, isn't easily achievable.2 coats.

 I was not a fan of how this polish changed with different light settings. 

Verdict: As much as I enjoyed Boca Mocha, I don't find myself reacting the same way to So Much Fawn. Simply not a hit for me.

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27 February 2013 @ 9:30 AM / 2 comments

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