Midweek Manicure -- Zoya Blaze!

Todays Midweek Manicure highlights: Zoya Blaze.

This is easily my favorite red for 2013. I've worn this across multiple "Monthly Nail Looks" posts and it's necessary I explain the awesomeness behind this deep red holographic glitter.

Blaze | a deep rich mulberry-raspberry red color packed with multiple holographic beauties. Zoya claims this has micro diamond glitter--I don't know what that is but this polish does sparkle something awesome!  Love the formula. Though I feel more layers do take away some of the shine from the holographic glitters --each layer adds depth. I've used 2 coats.

If you're curious, do try it! If you want to know the ranking of being most holographic out of Zoya's Holographic glitters, "Aurora," followed by "Storm," followed by "Blaze." Zoya has done an incredible job making holographic colors with depth! 

 This polish is so amazing, constantly changing in various lightening. I apologize if it sounds like I'm gushing. I was never into holographic glitters, photos really didn't impress me until I purchased "Storm" and my mind was open to all the other holographic glitters Zoya has out. 

Verdict: Zoya "Storm" revived my Zoya frenzy, and Blaze keeps it alive. If you're a fan of Zoya, or have never tried, DO try these holographic polishes from their Ornate Collection. I have yet to get my hands on "Aurora" but believe me---I WILL have it. 

Zoya is available online, or at Ulta stores.

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06 February 2013 @ 9:30 AM / 2 comments

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