Necessary Neutrals -- Avon !

Today's highlight: Avon Classic Nude

Classic Nude |  frosted beige with slight iridescent tones. This is the only nude/neutral polish I own that has GOLD shimmers in it. The gold helps balances this polish against my skin tone, leaving it very natural looking. A very easy formula to work with, but as it is older it does have a faint chemical smell to it. 2 coats.

This particular Avon polish blends and builds very easily. It's self leveling and won't goop up near your cuticles. I do adore this polish tons!

I love how subtly the gold shimmers warm this polish. 

Verdict: This bottle contains less than half the polish it started out with. This is my most loved nude polish. I don't own any other nude polishes that have gold shimmers in it! If you can still get this, try it out!

Don't think this will suit your skin tone? Other neutral/nude polish reviews coming soon!

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16 February 2013 @ 5:16 AM / 1 comments

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