Necessary Neutrals -- Zoya Kennedy!

Today's highlight: Zoya Kennedy.

Kennedy |  pale beige creme, with silver shimmers, none that show up too heavily. My particular polish is difficult to work with, which is not at all representative of Zoya's formula. Might just be a special case. I like the color enough to overlook the application process mess.  3 coats.

This is slightly cooler in comparison to "Classic Nude" from Avon.

Kennedy also leans to the pinker side of nude polishes. It's only a light hint of pink.

Verdict: Despite it's sub-par formula, I really like this color. It's the neutral shade I reach for most often. Something about the way this makes me feel. If you're curious I do suggest picking it up.

Don't think this will suit your skin tone? See these other polishes reviewed here!

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19 February 2013 @ 5:30 AM / 1 comments

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