Midweek Manicure -- St. Patricks Glitter Theme ♧!

Midweek Manicure -- St. Patricks theme 

Super Simple Nail  look!

This looked is extremely simple. ♧ First apply your base coat!

My base coat of choice is China Glaze's First Mate. I love this blue polish. The perfect deep navy blue. I've used this countless times in my monthly nail looks posts. I may like this polish too much. Back to the tutorial!

Next take your glitter polish and line only the tip, concentrate on building density. 

butter London | Henley Regatta: As seen here, and here. This polish is a great balance of blue, teal, green, and emerald glitters.

butter London glitters tend to be very dense and thus easily build able. These are my go to polishes for creating an gradual glitter build up, or an intense overall glitter look. 

Once the first line dries, dip and clean off  your nail brush. Have your brush hit half the previous line you drew and half on your clean base color. Try to drag more polish toward your tips.

Now re-dip and clean your brush as previusly done, add few lines upwards, away from your nail tip and towards the middle of your nail.

Last step is applying your top coat~ 

It may look uneven and a bit jagged but the last step sooths everything.

I actually do not know much about this holiday, only that it has constantly been associated with green. I tried to live up to this association with this post.

If you want to see a quick, easy, no glitter  themed nail art for St. Patty's day, please head on over to ~ warmfrenchonionsoup ~ ! Her tutorial is easy and beautifully done!  :P I loved her look too much to attempt my own. Nonetheless I hope you enjoyed this weeks midweek manicure.

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