The Ides Green of March! Avon!

Today's Green polish is: Jade.

Slightly picture heavy...Who am I kidding? PIC HEAVY.

 Jade |  A great creme polish, best described as minty green but this definitely falls towards the light mint, with a tinge of greener hues. Depending on the lighting this shifts from a true green to an almost pearl jade green. I like this polish, it works well with my NC30 skin tone. 2-3 coats.

 Previously reviewed with Avon Spring polishes here

I know I know! How does this compare to Zoya "Bevin" or Zoya "Wednesday?" Well, see for yourself below!

Bevin is bluer, Wednesday is green & dustier.

Verdict: I saved my favorite for last. This polish can be tricky to build up, as with most Avon polishes. However, despite the frustrations with the formula are worth it. The polish COLOR is gorgeous. Definitely my go to jade green. If you're on the fence --get it. Just take the jump, it's definitely memorable and the green jade hue in person is dynamite gorgeous!

So ends the March series of green polishes. I don't own very many greens, admit-tingly its the one color area I have yet to venture (aside from mints!) I ended up highlighting the four below! Think you missed one post? Be sure to see the previous green polish here

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