The Ides Greens of March! Nicole by O.P.I!

Today's Green polish is: Green Up Your Act!

 Green Up Your Act! |  A dusty dark military green. 2 coats. Easy formula, slightly lacking color. 

Verdict: This polish is a good military green. I'll be honest, there is no "umph" that allows this polish to stand out. In my own collection, it's often stared at and ignored for other choices. Not a 'hit' in terms of rememberability but if you're looking for a military green with a decent formula, this is your polish. 

These are not all must-haves or hits, I'd hate to bring a bad post your way but this polish wasn't a winner for me. Be sure to see the previous green polish here!

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09 March 2013 @ 8:00 AM / 0 comments

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